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Licensing Center MLO [Auto School]

Licensing Center MLO [Auto School]

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Licensing Center MLO [Auto School]

Licensing Center MLO [Auto school] is an essential MLO interior for any FiveM roleplaying server that features a driving school or licensing center. This highly detailed and realistic MLO interior will provide your players with a fully immersive experience as they learn the rules of the road and prepare to obtain their driver's licenses.


  • Highly detailed and realistic recreation of a DMV licensing center
  • Includes a fully furnished lobby, classroom, testing area, and offices
  • Customizable furniture, props, and textures
  • Optimized for performance
  • Easy to install and use


  • Creates a realistic and immersive environment for your driving school or licensing center
  • Enhances your server's visual appeal with a high-quality MLO interior
  • Provides players with a unique and engaging space to roleplay in
  • Improves the overall driving experience for your players


  • Compatible with FiveM

Coords: -899.66, -2039.11, 14.87

Size: 9 MB

Platform: FiveM

Framework: Standalone

File type: MLO

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