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NoPixel Scuff Impound [QBCore]

NoPixel Scuff Impound [QBCore]

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NoPixel Scuff Impound [QBCore]

Introducing the Ultimate Scuff Impound System: Redefining Order and Justice in Your FiveM World

This script is a scuff impound system inspired by the NoPixel server. It allows police officers to impound vehicles that are parked illegally or that have been used in a crime. The script also allows for vehicles to be retrieved from the impound lot by paying a fee.

Inspired by the renowned NoPixel server, our revolutionary scuff impound system seamlessly integrates into the QBCore framework, empowering you to maintain order and uphold justice within your FiveM community.


  • Police officers can impound vehicles using a third eye
  • Impounded vehicles are stored in a designated impound lot
  • Players can retrieve their impounded vehicles by paying a fee
  • The script is fully configurable


  • QBCore framework
  • QB-target
  • QB-Menu
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