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NoPixel Radio [ESX/QB]

NoPixel Radio [ESX/QB]

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NoPixel Radio [ESX/QB]

Enhance your FiveM roleplay experience with this customizable radio script compatible with both qbcore and esx frameworks. Immerse yourself in realistic communication scenarios with features like:

  • Frequency selection: Tune into specific channels for private or group communication.
  • Volume control: Adjust the radio's volume to your preference.
  • Notification system: Receive alerts for important messages or events.
  • Inventory integration: Easily access the radio from your character's inventory.
  • Framework compatibility: Works seamlessly with both qbcore and esx frameworks.

Elevate your roleplay immersion and coordination with this versatile radio script.


  1. ox_libs
  2. Onesync
  3. QBCore(for job list)


  1. New Radio UI
  2. Player Configurable Overlay for the Player list on Radio Channel
  3. Submix Effect in radio channel
  4. Customizable Restrict Channel with job/gang
  5. 0 resmon highly optimized


  1. exports["mm_radio"]:JoinRadio(channel: number)
  2. exports["mm_radio"]:LeaveRadio()

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