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Coke Run [QB]

Coke Run [QB]

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Coke Run [QB]

Get ready for exciting adventures in your FiveM roleplay server! Our new Coke Run missions will give you a thrilling experience. Here's what you can expect:

1. Exciting Missions: Embark on thrilling Coke Run missions with different routes, drop-off points, and chances of encountering the police. Every mission is unique!

2. Various Vehicles: Use a variety of vehicles, from ordinary cars to high-speed boats, to transport your cargo safely.

3. Risky Business: Dive into the dangerous world of illegal substance transportation. Balance the risks and rewards to make big profits.

4. Intense Roleplay: Engage in exciting police chases, undercover operations, and negotiations with rival gangs. It's all about high-stakes action!

Transform Your Roleplay Server: Add an element of excitement with Coke Runs. It will bring depth and thrill to your criminal roleplay experiences.

Thrilling Chases: Dodge the police, outsmart your rivals, and deliver your cargo in heart-pounding chases and encounters.

Unforgettable Moments: Create memorable roleplay situations, including undercover deals and narrow escapes. The threat of capture is always present!

How to Get Started: Add our Coke Run script to your FiveM roleplay server and watch as players enjoy the adrenaline rush of illegal substance trafficking.

Experience the excitement today!

Config -

  • You Can Change The Process Coords wherever you wnt Through Boxzones In Client.lua
  • You can Change The Boss Locations wherever you wnt Through Boxzones In Client.lua


  • Go To The Boss and Ask Him For Case Keys
  • After having the Case Keys A Mark Will Be Marked in Your Gps
  • Kill NPC's There
  • Unlock The Case Using Target
  • After getting The Items Wait For Some Time
  • After Getting Salr (Coke_cured)
  • Take Salt To The Boss Again
  • Get The Product Checked By The Boss
  • Get Coke Brick
  • Process The Brick and Get 8 Coke Packets
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