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Coke Plane [QB]

Coke Plane [QB]

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Coke Plane [QB]

Transform your FiveM roleplay server into a thrilling hub of airborne smuggling adventures with the Coke Plane Run Script.

Key Features:

  • Exciting Smuggling Missions: Fly daring missions, transporting illicit cargo across vast distances.

  • Variety of Aircraft: Pilot different planes, from small Cessnas to large cargo carriers, each with unique handling.

  • Unpredictable Weather: Face challenging weather conditions, adding extra excitement to your smuggling operations.

  • Intense Roleplay Scenarios: Evade radar, outsmart police, and negotiate deals with shady contacts, creating unforgettable roleplay moments.

Enhance Your Roleplay Server's Criminal Underworld:

  • Add a new dimension of illicit thrills as players navigate perilous skies, transporting contraband under the watchful eyes of authorities.

Experience the Thrill of Airborne Smuggling:

  • Master flying while evading radar, dodging police interceptors, and landing your precious cargo at secret airstrips.

Create Unforgettable Roleplay Moments:

  • Experience high-stakes aerial chases, undercover deals at remote airfields, and the constant threat of capture.

Introduce our Coke Plane Run script to your FiveM roleplay server and witness the excitement as players take to the skies, navigating the treacherous world of airborne smuggling.

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